Our Packaging

Since our inception, VIAS has made it a goal to implement sustainability practices in order to minimize our footprint on the planet. We are conscious of the harmful effect the fashion industry has, historically and presently, had on our world and that does not sit well with us. As we continue to grow and evolve, we'd like to put in action more efficient and sustainable practices that hold up to the standards we believe in. Transparency is key in any relationship (yes, we consider ourselves to be in a relationship with you), so we'd like to show you exactly what goes into our packaging. 


First, every item is packaged in a clear 100% recycled poly seal bag. These bags ensure your outerwear is protected from dirt, moisture, dust, and any other substances that could potentially damage your clothes. These bags are also 100% recyclable so please make sure to recycle them once they are no longer needed.

Then, your item(s) is either placed in a cardboard literature mailer or in a 100% compostable mailer. We prefer to use our compostable mailers, as they are safer for the environment, but we'd also like to use our limited supply of cardboard boxes rather than throw them away. So for now, if you do receive your item(s) in a literature mailer, we ask that you please reuse or recycle the box. 

In the cardboard literature mailer, we further wrap your outerwear in our unique VIAS branded tissue paper and sticker. Our tissue paper and stickers are FSC certified, acid-free, and printed on with soy-based inks, making them eco-friendly all around. If you receive your order in a compostable mailer, we do not wrap your item(s) in our tissue paper and stickers.

The 100% compostable mailers we use are our biggest pride. These mailers are plant-based and certified for composting in 6 months both at home and commercially. They are also waterproof and tear-resistant so you can rest assured that your outerwear will be well protected in its transition to you. 

As VIAS grows and expands, we'd like to continue to find and implement more and better sustainability practices. Together, with your help, we can contribute to a greener future.

          No Issue Sustainable Packaging Alliance